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Hi! My name is Nia Maureen and I am the Gameday Girl podcast host! The Gameday Girl is a podcast that shares my love for sports. Your go-to sports podcast for what to watch, how to watch, gameday attire, gameday food, sports news, sports pop culture, health and fitness, with a fun twist! Hope you have fun listening to the podcast and learn something new!

Feb 25, 2020

I have been on a physical and mental health kick! Join me in this episode for a conversation with Virginia Kinkel, whose discussion on a healthy mindset and approach to fitness changed how I approached my fitness journey.

Virginia and her husband founded Bodymass Gym in 2016 where they focus on a comprehensive approach to fitness including strength training, nutrition coaching, physical therapy, and advanced Exercise Physiology testing. With two locations in Arlington VA and Washington DC and an online platform, they hope to inspire, encourage and educate others to have a healthy mindset and approach to fitness. As a Personal Trainer, Virginia focuses primarily on those new to strength training, post-partum women, and Physique Competitors. Virginia was featured in Washingtonians 2019 "Women in Washington" issue featuring her career and achievements with Bodymass. Check her out @virginiavkinkel & @bodymass_

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